During your first visit, you will need to provide complete information on your health, including:

  • If you’ve been hospitalized or had surgery recently
  • Any recent illnesses
  • Any medication you are taking, the dosage and frequency
  • The name of your physician and dentist.


Please notify the office if you have a medical condition or concern prior to surgery (e.g. artificial heart valves or joints, heart murmurs requiring pre-medication, severe diabetes, use of blood thinners, or hypertension).

You will also need to bring your card or documentation for any health coverage that you have.

In order to save you time, you can fill out your medical history registration form before you come to the office. This is a HIPAA compliant registration form.

Click and Print Med History Form

If you have a referral form from your dentist, please bring it with you.

Please Note: All patients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the consultation appointment.

Dr. Gradoville will complete an exam when you come for your first visit. This will usually include an oral exam, digital x-rays, and complete periodontal exam.

The dental x-rays allow Dr. Gradoville to view the structure of your jaw, the health of your teeth and roots, the alignment of your teeth, and tooth decay. The x-rays and periodontal exam allow Dr. Gradoville to understand the health of your gums.

We will complete an in-depth medical and dental health history and a thorough examination to measure for bone loss, loose teeth, bite, oral cancer screening,  and other signs of periodontal disease.

The information collected and the discovery from the exam will enable Dr. Gradoville to recommend the best treatment options for you.

Dr. Gradoville will take the time to ensure you understand all of the findings. She will explain to you your situation and what your options are. It’s very important to Dr. Gradoville that you understand your options so that you can make the best decision for you.

It’s essential for you to know that it doesn’t matter what condition your teeth or gums or anything regarding your smile is. We aren’t here to judge you. We are here to help you get your smile back.